Veloswap 2010

We’re back after a long, eventful, and successful day down at Veloswap in Denver. In addition to stirring up some great buzz about our unique, high quality and U.S. made carrier, the Wizard Team also picked up some sweet deals on some new toys for ourselves…

We’re already looking forward to next year.

Check out the rack in action:


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Wizard Kinetics on

Our unique bicycle carrier essentially takes a roof rack system and moves it to the rear of the vehicle. This gives you the best of both worlds-the ease and versatility of a roof rack system (many choices of trays, ability to make it a kayak rack and/or ski rack etc.), with the convenience of a hitch-mounted rack–making it easier to load and operate.

We’re glad when other people take note of the obvious advantages of our rack system, as recently did in their coverage of the Sea Otter Classic.

>>See the photo on Cycling News’ Tech Tidbits

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We’re more than just a bicycle carrier…

We often tout ourselves as having the most unique and highest quality bicycle carrier on the market, but the truth is that our rack carries a whole lot more than just bicycles.

While we were at the LT100 this year, we were only 20 miles from the kayak and whitewater capital of Colorado in Buena Vista. We decided this proximity to such a huge kayak community would be a great opportunity to try out a play boat on the rack.

As you may have guessed, the boat fit on the rack perfectly, making our Wizard Kinetics rack not only the best bicycle carrier, but also the best kayak carrier on the market.

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Wizard Kinetics at 2010 VeloSwap

Here at Wizard Kinetics, we are gearing up for VeloSwap, which will be taking place October 23 in Denver and is the largest consumer cycling show in the country. We’ve been at VeloSwap before, and we’ve always had great success and a ton of fun at the event.

We’re also very excited that VeloSwap is happy to have us back. They recently featured Wizard Kinetics on the VeloSwap site.

If you’re not sure you should buckle down and buy tickets to VeloSwap or not, here’s a little bit more about the event and why you should most definitely attend.
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Race Across the Sky 2010 Trailer

I wrote earlier this week about Wizard Kinetics being at the brutal Leadville Trail 100 this year, but now I can also share with you the trailer for this year’s movie about the event –Race Across the Sky.

The video below is a sneak peek at what we can expect from the film by Citizen Pictures, which is scheduled to be available to hit theaters November 4th.


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Wizard Kinetics at the Leadville Trail 100

One of the perks of working for a bicycle carrier company is the opportunity to be right in the action at some very exciting bike races and events. From watching cyclecross at the Sea Otter Classic to downhill at Crankworx, we’ve been witness to some pretty amazing feats in the cycling community.

This summer, with the bike rack displayed at the expo, we were in Leadville waiting to see a) whether anyone could beat Lance’s record-setting time last year and b) how miserable people really look after battling through a 100 mile bike race that starts at over 10,000 feet elevation and climbs to over 12,000 feet.

Not expecting anyone to come in until at least 6.5 hours after the start of the race (Lance set a course record in 2009 at 6:28:51), there was a mad dash to the finish line about 6 hours after the start of the race when it was announced first-place was nearing  the finish line.

Levi Leipheimer ended up scorching the course, besting the previous record set last year by teammate and seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong. His time was more than 12 minutes ahead of Armstrong’s effort from last year, raising the bar to 6:16:37.

On the torture that is known as the LT100, Leipheimer said:

“This is ridiculously hard,” Leipheimer told the Associated Press after his win.  “It’s hard to describe the pain and torture that you go through on a ride like that. It’s not what I’m used to. It’s like a six-hour time trial. There’s no sitting in. There’s no draft… I just couldn’t wait for it to be over.”

And, as you might imagine, Levi, and the rest of the finishers looked pretty damn happy to be off their bikes at the end of the race.

>>Read more:

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Wizard starts to blog

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