2010 model w/ 54” crossbars $509
Knob type latch release
Carries up to 4 bikes

2011 model w/ 54” crossbars $559
Lever type latch release
Carries up to 4 bikes

2010 model w/ 66” crossbars $559
Carries up to 5 bikes

2011 model w/ 66” crossbars $599

2011 Team model w/ 66” crossbars $649
Reinforced to carry up to 6 bikes

Add Yakima Boa trays $50 ea

Add Rocky Mount Pitchfork trays $60 ea

Cable Lock- For Extra Security, Trimax ‘Versatile Cable Lock” can lock all your bikes to the carrier and the carrier to the receiver hitch.

Lock Cores

    Lock Cores – $9
    Cable Lock – $28
    Rough Road Tie Downs – $19
Cable Lock Option for Wizard Kinetics

Cable Lock Option

Lock-Cores Option for Wizard Kinetics

Lock-Cores Option







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