Others: Loading Is Difficult With Other Carrier Systems
This is hard to do for anyone, even with a step ladder. Without a step ladder it is an almost impossible task. (PS – You can purchase Thule’s Step Up – a platform that attaches to a tire to make it easier to load bikes on a roof rack, approx. $60)
If you have 3 or 4 bikes on a roof rack the system becomes a stacking system – you can not remove one of the center bikes without removing one of the outer bikes.
Lifting is DifficultLoading is easy with the Wizard Kinetics Bicycle CarrierWizard Kinetics: Loading Is Easy
Look how easy it is to load a bike in the Wizard Kinetics carrier.
And because you have easy front and back access to both crossbars you can easily load or unload any bike on the carrier.

Others: Loading Is Slow and There’s No Bike Protection
With Other Carrier Systems This is a standard hitch mounted carrier. It will carry 4 bikes. It will fold down to allow access to your tailgate, but not when it is carrying bicycles. The time to lower the carrier is about 1 minute.

Notice that this is a stacking design. If you want to unload one of the inner bikes, all of the bikes outside the desired bike need to be unloaded. The bikes are so close together that they often bump into one another. This can result in causing scratches on the other bikes or on the car.
Other Bike Carrier

Wizard Kinetics: Loading is Quick And Your Bikes Are Protected
The Wizard Kinetics carrier allows for easy access to the vehicles tailgate. It only takes about 5 seconds to lower the carrier to the down position, even with bikes mounted. Bikes are on their own trays so there’s no chance for scratching or dents.

Others: Accidents Can Happen
Many people with roof rack systems have crashed their bikes into low clearance structures like garage doors. This type of accident occurs more often than you might imagine and can cost thousands of dollars.

Preventing this type of accident can easily justify the purchase of a Wizard Kinetics Carrier.
Trouble getting into garageInto garage safely with Wizard Kinetics Bike Carrier
Wizard Kinetics: Bikes Will Likely Fit If Driven Into Garage

Depending upon the vehicle and bicycles, it’s very likely that there will be enough clearance to drive your car into your garage with the bikes loaded onto the Wizard Kinetics Carrier.

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